Santa Fe Edge

Santa Fe Edge
Stuart Woods. Putnam.
289pp. $25.95

Fred Karr

Reviewed by Frederic H. Karr. Member of the District of Columbia bar and retired federal government attorney.

The phenomenon known as “sophomore jinx” hasn’t afflicted author Stuart Woods in his Ed Eagle series. If anything, his second Ed Eagle tale, Santa Fe Edge, is at least as enjoyable as his first (Santa Fe Dead).

Stuart Woods is one master storyteller. Santa Fe Edge is his 20th contribution (and second Ed Eagle tale) that I’ve reviewed favorably, and he never disappoints. Plus, I’ve also enjoyed six of his other masterpieces for my own reading pleasure.

While some folks are reprise from Santa Fe Dead, they don’t make for an engorged cast of characters. As regular readers know bloated dramatis personae are not one of my favors.

A la Stuart Woods, the dialogue is very effective and thus the novel’s pace is swift (my, how the pages doth fly!). The short chapters only add to the book’s alacrity.

In keeping with past actions, Mr. Woods doesn’t disappoint. Once again, we readers are treated at the very end to a verbatim admonition not to pester this great author with any ideas for any future books.

Of all the fiction writers I’ve ever read. He is the only one to so berate his reading public. Mr. Woods, are people really bugging you that much such that you have to set aside valuable space to criticize them?

“In dangerous situations… I always say worry about my hide.” With Santa Fe Edge, only concern yourself with a great read. Just ignore Mr. Woods’ perpetual silly admonition at the book’s end.